Yoga Intelligence

Yoganotch technology may be complex, but Yoganotch feedback should be easy to understand, pleasant to listen to and to the point.
Our feedback goal for Yoganotch was simple: make it as intuitive as human speech. Each asana is composed of many different alignment parameters. Yoganotch Yoga Intelligence engine can analyze all of them in parallel and generate hundreds of recommendations a second. Most humans, however, would have to focus on one feature, to avoid getting overwhelmed.
For example, in a Three-Legged Downward Dog, Yoganotch first checks whether you are in the right alignment with your spine and hips, and only then scans how high do you raise your leg and, if something is misaligned informs you about that.
We are excited to present Yoganotch Intelligence to the wider audience after thousands of hours of research, development and testing. Now we can finally share our work with people, interested in the scientific approach to yoga, and getting your feedback is what motivates us to improve Yoganotch further.