Yoganotch Technology

Notch platform has been validated by thousands of developers worldwide. People have been using our technology in sports, healthcare and wellness and numerous peer-reviewed publications.
Science behind Notch technology
Notches are tiny wearable devices that capture motion using three onboard sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. It is based on high-accuracy MEMS sensor-technology that can sense any subtle movement, even tiny vibrations. Notches transmit this raw motion data via low-power Bluetooth technology, received by phone. The motion data is then fed to the Yoganotch engine, which calculates the orientation of each notch sensors - in the 3D space, in real-time. Having 2 notches on adjacent body part allows to compute the relative 3D angles between those limbs. That's how we can reconstruct the person's skeleton in motion.
Joint angles are very useful for quantifying human posture and motion. For example, in physical therapy, doctors use a variety assessments to evaluate the person’s range of motion (ROM). Or in sports training to quantify the athletes’ performance and progress.
Motion sensors are the most cost-effective and accurate way to measure the joint angles. The current alternatives, such as guesstimating the angles from video footage are error-prone at best or deceptive at worst since they provide only an estimate of the 3D position based on a statistical analysis of 2D data. Also, when using notches, you don’t have to worry about being in the field of view of the camera or practicing in the dark space.

Notch Pioneer Platform

Notch technology is using 3D motion sensors and AI to create accurate mathematical models of human movement in real-time. This technology is called 'motion capture' and you may have seen the results of the similar technology on screen - it has been used for years to bring to life characters of Avatar, Lord of the Rings or Avengers. Our company managed to bring this technology to smartphones and make it both accessible and affordable. Yoganotch is our new product, but our devices are being used by numerous Fortune-500 companies, world's top universities and healthcare institutions wordlwide.
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